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Model Baju Terbaru Indonesia History of SJO & SIMPAPLY

Extablished in 1997, PT. Greatway Jaya Abadi was founded by Mr. Arianto Sutiman, an experienced and expert in fashion design who has more than 30 years experience in the Fashion & Apparel Industry. The Factory is located in Bandung, West Java, right in the Heart of the Indonesian Fashion Industry and is also recognized as the Paris of Java. Together with his tems, he has produced various kinds of Internationally Accepted High Quality Garments for almost all of the worlds top branded labels located in the US and Europe (France, Germany, Spain & Italy). In the last few years, it has been a tradition for him to design and produce Limited Editions of Garments as gifts to his friends. Due to his stylish designs and high quality products, most of the friends are very statisfied and urged as well as encouraged him to create a local brand with International Quality but at affordable prices so that the local people can share and enjoy his creation of excellent quality apparel products.

The Process:
Due to the constant encouragements from his friends, Mr. Arianto Sutiman and his teams, who have been working together with him to satisfy and meet the requirements of all the worlds top branded labels, decided to create a local brand called SJO, a new brand for Womens Wear, in 2010 and SIMPAPLY, a new brand form Mens Wear in 2011. The same teams are now working together on the design, development and production of SJO & SIMPAPLY to satisfy our local market and make sure that everyone can enjoy Internationally Accepted High Quality Garments at affordable and fair prices.

The Launching:
The teams hardwork was paid off when Mr. Arianto Sutiman launched his first signature store at Festival Citylink Mall, 1st Floor-57 and in Bandung at the end of 2013 and followed by another one in Surabaya a week after Bandungs Grand Opening. And at Istana Plaza Mall 2nd Floor-D3 Bandung in 2015. Works are now in process to hunt for location in other big cities in Indonesia to open more stores. SJO & SIMPAPLY will focus on Mens and Womens Wear with the Concept of Casual Wear at affordable and fair prices.

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